Version 1.2 of CosmoLattice is now publicly available. The main new feature is an update of the gravitational wave module, so it can now simulate gravitational waves sourced by U(1) gauge theories. A number of bugs are also fixed.

New features:

  • Gravitational waves sourced by U(1) gauge theories.

Bug corrections:

  • Corrected a bug in the counting of the modes used for the computation of the GW power spectra. This affects mainly the results on the lowest and highest bins, for which some modes were counted twice. We than Toby Opferkuch and Josh Foster for pointing this out.
  • Corrected an error in the GW module which prevented the code to be compiled with NDim=2. While CosmoLattice is prepared to run for arbitrary number of dimensions, the GW module is only prepared for NDim=3. Now, it raises an error if the user tries to simulate GWs for NDim other then 3.
  • The code failed to compile when trying to compute a power of a ZeroType field. This has been fixed.