What is CosmoLattice?

CosmoLattice is a modern package for lattice simulations of field dynamics in an expanding universe. We have developed CosmoLattice to provide a new up-to-date, relevant numerical tool for the scientific community working in the physics of the early universe.

CosmoLattice can simulate the dynamics of i) interacting scalar field theories, ii) Abelian U(1) gauge theories, and iii) non-Abelian SU(2) gauge theories, either in flat spacetime or an expanding FLRW background, including the case of self-consistent expansion sourced by the fields themselves. CosmoLattice is ready to simulate the dynamics of field theories described by an action and a background metric of the type:

We have conceived CosmoLattice as an evolving package that we plan to upgrade successively, by further developing modules for new tasks. For instance, we have recently added in CosmoLattice v1.1 (released in May 2022) a new module for the computation of gravitational waves from scalar field sectors. A new version (v1.3) of CosmoLattice has been released in November 2023 addressing the issue of excess memory used. The memory (in GB) required now is roughly 8x2xN^3x(Ndof+0.75)/(2^30), N = number of points per dimension, Ndof = Number of degrees of freedom. Version (v1.2) of CosmoLattice has been released in Jun 2023 with the addition of a module to compute gravitational waves sourced by U(1) Abelian Gauge fields. CosmoLattice is in fact a platform to implement any system of dynamical equations suitable for discretization on a lattice, as it introduces its own language describing fields and operations between them, and hence it is a natural platform to implement new libraries to solve arbitrary field problems (related or not to cosmology).

Check the website for technical notes and release updates.

If you use CosmoLattice

CosmoLattice is freely available to anyone who wants to use or modify it. However, whenever using CosmoLattice in your research, no matter how much (or little) you modify the code, please cite both arXiv:2006.15122 and arXiv:2102.01031 in your papers. Also, if you publish a paper using CosmoLattice, we would love to hear about it. We plan to keep an updated list of papers using the code on this website.

Mailing list

We have created a mailing list in order to share information on new updates, report bugs, inform about events, etc. In order to subscribe, send a blank e-mail to: cosmolattice+subscribe@googlegroups.com


Release of version 1.2

Version 1.2 of CosmoLattice is now publicly available. The main new feature is an update of the gravitational wave module, so it can now simulate gravitational waves sourced by U(1) gauge theories. A number of bugs are also fixed. [Read More]

School material uploaded

The material prepared for the CosmoLattice School 2022 (which took place in Valencia in early September) is now available at our website, see the “Documentation” tab above. We have uploaded the presentation slides, as well as mathematica and python notebooks to read and plot the code output.

Cosmolattice school

Looking forward to welcoming you in Valencia!

We will be hosting a school in Valencia (Spain) on September 5th-8th 2022. We will lecture about everything you need to know about lattice simulations of early universe dynamics, while providing and hands-on sessions with CosmoLattice. For more information and to apply to the school, go to the school webpage:... [Read More]

Release of version 1.1

Gravitational waves are here!

We are glad to announce the release of version 1.1 of CosmoLattice! In particular, this new version comes together with a gravitational wave module. We summarize below the main features and bug corrections that version 1.1 has added with respect to version 1.0. [Read More]