Here we list some publications that have used CosmoLattice. If you have used it in your research and your paper does not appear here, please let us know and we will gladly include it!

Last update: June 15th, 2024

List of papers:

  1. Primordial black hole formation from self-resonant preheating?.
    Guillermo Ballesteros, Joaquim Iguaz Juan, Paquale D. Serpico, Marco Taoso.
    arXiv: 2406.09122

  2. Geometric reheating of the Universe.
    Daniel G. Figueroa, Nicolas Loayza.
    arXiv: 2406.02689

  3. Formation and decay of oscillons after inflation in the presence of an external coupling, Part I: Lattice simulations.
    Mohammed Shafi, Edmund J. Copeland, Rafid Mahbub, Swagat S. Mishra, Soumen Basak.
    arXiv: 2406.00108

  4. Preheating with deep learning.
    Jong-Hyun Yoon, Simon Cléry, Mathieu Gross, Yann Mambrini.
    arXiv: 2405.08901

  5. Ricci Reheating on the Lattice.
    Daniel G. Figueroa, Toby Opferkuch, Ben A. Stefanek.
    arXiv: 2404.17654

  6. Gravitational wave signatures of post-fragmentation reheating.
    Marcos A.G. Garcia, Mathias Pierre.
    arXiv: 2404.16932

  7. Gravitational Wave Probe of Gravitational Dark Matter from Preheating.
    Ruopeng Zhang, Sibo Zheng.
    arXiv: 2403.09089

  8. Impact of Dark Sector Preheating on CMB Observables.
    Marcos A.G. Garcia, Aline Pereyra-Flores.
    arXiv: 2403.04848

  9. The Rise and Fall of the Standard-Model Higgs: Electroweak Vacuum Stability during Kination.
    Giorgio Laverda, Javier Rubio.
    JHEP 05 (2024) 339. arXiv: 2402.06000

  10. Collapsing Domain Wall Networks: Impact on Pulsar Timing Arrays and Primordial Black Holes.
    Ricardo Z. Ferreira, Alessio Notari, Oriol Pujolàs, Fabrizio Rompineve.
    JCAP 06 (2024) 020. arXiv: 2401.14331

  11. Present and future of CosmoLattice.
    Daniel G. Figueroa, Adrien Florio, Francisco Torrenti.
    arXiv: 2312.15056

  12. Phenomenology of Spillway Preheating: Equation of State and Gravitational Waves.
    Gareth Mansfield, JiJi Fan, Qianshu Lu.
    arXiv: 2312.03072

  13. Gravitational Dark Matter from Minimal Preheating.
    Ruopeng Zhang and Sibo Zheng.
    JHEP 02 (2024) 061. arXiv: 2311.14273

  14. Gravitational waves radiated from axion string-wall networks.
    Yang Li, Ligong Bian, Rong-Gen Cai, Jing Shu.
    arXiv: 2311.02011

  15. Gravitational Wave Symphony from Oscillating Spectator Scalar Fields.
    Yanoi Cui, Pankaj Saha, Evangelos I. Sfakianakis.
    arXiv: 2310.13060

  16. Effects of Fragmentation on Post-Inflationary Reheating.
    Marcos A.G. Garcia, Mathieu Gross, Yann Mambrini, Keith A. Olive, Mathias Pierre, Jong-Hyun Yoon.
    JCAP 12 (2023) 028 arXiv: 2308.16231

  17. Gravitational Wave Emission from a Cosmic String Loop, I: Global Case.
    Jorge Baeza-Ballesteros, Edmund J. Copeland, Daniel G. Figueroa, Joanes Lizarraga.
    arXiv: 2308.08456

  18. Ricci Reheating Reloaded.
    Giorgio Laverda, Javier Rubio.
    JCAP 03 (2024) 033 arXiv: 2307.03774

  19. Reheating after Inflaton Fragmentation.
    Marcos A. G. Garcia, Mathias Pierre.
    JCAP 11 (2023) 004. arXiv: 2306.08038

  20. On unitarity in Higgs-like inflation.
    Oleg Lebedev, Yann Mambrini, Jong-Hyun Yoon.
    JCAP 08 (2023) 009. arXiv: 2305.05682

  21. Gravitational freeze-in dark matter from Higgs Preheating.
    Ruopeng Zhang, Zixuan Xu, Sibo Zheng.
    JCAP 07 (2023) 048. arXiv: 2305.02568

  22. Dissipative Emergence of Inflation from Quasi-Cyclic Universe.
    Hiroki Matsui, Alexandros Papageorgiou, Fuminobu Takahashi, Takahiro Terada.
    Phys.Rev.D 109 (2024) 10, 103523. arXiv: 2305.02367

  23. Dissipative genesis of the inflationary Universe.
    Hiroki Matsui, Alexandros Papageorgiou, Fuminobu Takahashi, Takahiro Terada.
    Phys.Rev.D 109 (2024) 10, L101303. arXiv: 2305.02366

  24. Preheating in Einstein-Cartan Higgs Inflation: oscillon formation.
    Matteo Piani, Javier Rubio.
    JCAP 12 (2023) 002. arXiv: 2304.13056

  25. Solving the domain wall problem with first-order phase transition.
    Yang Li, Ligong Bian, Yongtao Jia.
    arXiv: 2304.05220

  26. The strong backreaction regime in axion inflation.
    Daniel G. Figueroa, Joanes Lizarraga, Ander Urio, Jon Urrestilla.
    Phys.Rev.Lett. 131 (2023) 15, 151003. arXiv: 2303.17436

  27. Oscillon formation from preheating in asymmetric inflationary potentials.
    Rafid Mahbub, Swagat S. Mishra.
    Phys.Rev.D 108 (2023) 6, 063524. arXiv: 2303.07503

  28. Dark matter production via a non-minimal coupling to gravity.
    Oleg Lebedev, Timofey Solomko, Jong-Hyun Yoon.
    JCAP 02 (2023) 035. arXiv: 2211.11773

  29. One μ to rule them all: CMB spectral distortions can probe domain walls, cosmic strings and low scale phase transitions.
    Nicklas Ramberg, Wolfram Ratzinger, Pedro Schwaller.
    JCAP 02 (2023) 039. arXiv: 2209.14313

  30. Gravitational wave production from preheating with trilinear interactions.
    Catarina Cosme, Daniel G. Figueroa, Nicolas Loayza.
    JCAP 05 (2023) 023. arXiv: 2206.14721

  31. Scalar Dark Matter Production from Preheating and Structure Formation Constraints.
    Marcos A.G. Garcia, Mathias Pierre, Sarunas Verner.
    Phys.Rev.D 107 (2023) 4, 043530. arXiv: 2206.08940

  32. Characterizing the post-inflationary reheating history, Part II: Multiple interacting daughter fields.
    Stefan Antusch, Kenneth Marschall, Francisco Torrenti.
    JCAP 02 (2023) 019. arXiv: 2206.06319

  33. On gravitational preheating.
    Oleg Lebedev, Jong-Hyun Yoon.
    JCAP 07 (2022) 07, 001. arXiv: 2203.15808

  34. Preheating in Palatini Higgs inflation on the lattice.
    Frédéric Dux, Adrien Florio, Juraj Klarić, Andrey Shkerin, Inar Timiryasov.
    JCAP 09 (2022) 015. arXiv: 2203.13286

  35. Stairway to Heaven" -- Spectroscopy of Particle Couplings with Gravitational Waves.
    Daniel G. Figueroa, Adrien Florio, Nicolas Loayza, Mauro Pieroni.
    Phys.Rev.D 106 (2022) 6, 063522. arXiv: 2202.05805

  36. Characterizing the post-inflationary reheating history, Part I: single daughter field with quadratic-quadratic interaction.
    Stefan Antusch, Daniel G. Figueroa, Kenneth Marschall, Francisco Torrenti.
    Phys.Rev.D 105 (2022) 4, 043532. arXiv: 2112.11280

  37. Lattice simulations of non-minimally coupled scalar fields in the Jordan frame.
    Daniel G. Figueroa, Adrien Florio, Toby Opferkuch, Ben A. Stefanek.
    SciPost Phys. 15 (2023) 3, 077. arXiv: 2112.08388

  38. Freeze-in from Preheating.
    Marcos A. G. Garcia, Kunio Kaneta, Yann Mambrini, Keith A. Olive, Sarunas Verner.
    JCAP 03 (2022) 03, 016. arXiv: 2109.13280

  39. CosmoLattice: A modern code for lattice simulations of scalar and gauge field dynamics in an expanding universe.
    Daniel G. Figueroa, Adrien Florio, Francisco Torrenti, Wessel Valkenburg.
    Comput.Phys.Commun. 283 (2023) 108586. arXiv: 2102.01031

  40. The art of simulating the early Universe -- Part I.
    Daniel G. Figueroa, Adrien Florio, Francisco Torrenti, Wessel Valkenburg.
    JCAP 04 (2021) 035. arXiv: 2006.15122

  41. Energy distribution and equation of state of the early Universe: matching the end of inflation and the onset of radiation domination.
    Stefan Antusch, Daniel G. Figueroa, Kenneth Marschall, Francisco Torrenti.
    Phys.Lett.B 811 (2020) 135888. arXiv: 2005.07563