• The Art of Simulating the Early Universe arXiv:2006.15122 . A dissertation on lattice techniques for the simulation of scalar-gauge field theories. It provides the theoretical basis for the equations implemented in CosmoLattice.

  • CosmoLattice user manual arXiv:2102.01031 .
    A manual that explains in detail the use and structure of the code, including: 1) how to install CosmoLattice and the different required libraries, 2) the general structure of the code and the most important files, 3) how to set up and run a simulation for the first time, for both scalar and scalar-gauge theories.

Basic installation

Minimal requirements: CMake version 3 or above, g++ version 5 or above, fftw3.

git clone https://github.com/cosmolattice/cosmolattice.git
cd cosmolattice   
mkdir build                     
cd build                        
cmake -DMODEL=lphi4 ../
make cosmolattice

This will compile the lphi4 model. To run it with the default input file, you can do

./lphi4 input=../src/models/parameter-files/lphi4.in

The above commands just represent a very brief guide for the installation and execution of CosmoLattice. For further information, see Appendix A of the user-manual. All options of CosmoLattice, as well as how to activate them and how to install the optional external libraries are explained at length there.


CosmoLattice can be downloaded from the GitHub repository: cosmolattice/cosmolattice